In today’s world, the demand for sustainable energy is increasing day by day around the globe. In order to eliminate environmental problems, solar energy is being adopted by so many people all over the world. But, with the development of new technologies, there are several myths revolving around the usage of the solar panel system, which is debarring people to take a step ahead and install solar panels in their homes or office spaces.

Moreover, when it comes to putting solar panels on the roof, some people might feel sceptical and be a little hesitant to accept it. Because of some misinformation, they might have read on the internet or heard something from someone else. As we all know, we live in an era of fake news & misinformation, and this restricts us from taking suitable decisions in our life. However, in today’s time, people are also aware of the benefits of installing solar panels, but there are still uncertainties encircling the advantages earned from solar energy. Now, It’s high time to fix all the myths about solar energy and improvise the future opinion on it.

Residential rooftop solar power systems are really inexpensive in nature if we closely look at them in terms of long-term use. This particular system is the only feasible, and smart choice one can opt for as the electricity prices are increasing in the country day by day. The price of solar systems is declining, but the efficiency is improving over the period. Rooftop solar panel costs have reached grid parity status with most of the states in the country. Regardless, people are not ready to install solar panels in their residential spaces in India.

Perhaps, it’s time to see solar energy from a different point of view because solar power systems are equal to long-term investment. Today, let’s bust some of the myths surrounding solar panels!

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Here are the top 7 myths that are often described by many :

Myth 1: Solar Energy is Not At All Affordable

This single statement resembles every common man in the country, but this was valid almost 10-15 years ago and is not true any longer. In recent years, the total cost of installing rooftop solar systems has been reduced, which makes it highly economical for all the households in the country. Furthermore, most of the residential solar power systems have reparation of 5-10 years of power bill savings based on the location. Most solar system providers also provide a guarantee of a designed life span of roughly 30 years.

There is the accessibility of financing alternatives such as subsidies and loans, which makes it possible to afford solar power for residential owners. Actually, they can benefit from incentives which are based on solar energy production.

Myth 2: Solar Panels do not Work In Cold Weather

People often think that various weather conditions can become the biggest obstacles when it comes to the functioning of solar systems. But they are mistaken as solar panels that can work smoothly on bright sunny days, freezing cold days and even on cloudy atmospheres. With advanced and progressive technologies, solar panels are unrestricted to function productively and efficiently. It can work even more effectively in cold weather conditions or in any other bad climates.

Undoubtedly, cloudy weather conditions do not put any constraints on the efficiency of solar panels. They can be a promising source of energy as they can still generate enough electricity. Furthermore, cold and snowy winter days produce an equal level of power to what one can attain on super sunny days.

Myth 3: Systems Require A Lot of Maintenance

Installation of rooftop solar panels is simpler & less stressful when you are connected with a professional corporation. If your solar power system is attached to your utility grid, then it makes the maintenance of solar panels really simple and easy.

You only have to take care of its cleanliness, the dust or debris needs to be removed to maintain it right. The right solar company will provide you with proper maintenance services, which will make your system clean and will last longer. The shelf life of your solar panels will increase if the maintenance is done properly.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Cause Damage To Your Roof

The solar panel certainly supports the portion of the roof by safeguarding and conserving it to the maximum. Presume that the panels that are seated on the roof of your home are damaged, and they need to be repaired as soon as possible. So, you don’t have to worry because the panel can be effortlessly taken as they aren’t directly affixed or glued to the roof. They are just fixed on top of it, which makes it independent from different types of obstructions.

Also, if there are any gaps or voids present between the rooftop and the panels, then the sealant is used to the sealant to cover the voids. Besides, the mounts act as an additional barrier to protection and preservation.

Myth 5: Solar Panels Depreciate the Value of Your House

This statement is not true at all. In fact, solar panels uplift the property value of your house.  So many studies have stated that residences already installed with solar panels actually get sold more instantly than households which are not equipped with solar panels in today’s time.

Certainly, several schemes such as subsidies and other incentives enable the house owners to expand their savings for a more extended period of time.

Myth 6: Excess Solar Energy Can be Stocked In Batteries

Solar energy systems without batteries could not generate power storage capabilities. Still, the best thing is that the consumers can take advantage of net metering in which the utility provider will provide an account for extra power that they cater to the grid.

For instance, solar panels will often generate surplus amounts of renewable energy on sunny days. At first, it delivers power to the household and then the additional power to the grid. At night time, if the house owners prefer the power for several other reasons, they can make use of the solar credits to offset the price of this power.

Myth 7: The Prices Of Solar Panel Are Generally Based On The Size of Your House

Solar panels are constructed in accordance with the custom-made needs of each and every house proprietor. And one should deliver personal attention to the slope and structure of the roof during the regulation of the expense of the installation of solar panels. Likewise, the neighbouring space of the roof is supposed to assure that it is positioned in an area that has straightforward access to sunlight and it doesn’t get impacted by any enclosing hurdles or complications such as building, elevated boundaries or trees.


Rooftop solar power systems completely make sense when it comes to the monetary perspective. The electricity tariff is quite high in the country as well as in the residential sector as well. Today, installing a rooftop solar system is a reasonable pick because a 1 kW rooftop solar system can approximately produce about 1500-1600 units of energy yearly, and you can therefore regain your fortune in 5-6 years. Although, It can be a struggling phase to make vital decisions about choosing solar systems with a high volume of contradicting data roaming around. But always know that the Solar Energy Technologies Office gives resources and reliable data about solar systems.

Are you ready to take the plunge and bring solar energy to your home? Reach out to us right now!

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