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JJ PV SOLAR has highly automatic production facility from European technology providers of 25MW capacity of solar module manufacturing with complete in-house testing facility along with highly expert, dedicated and technical team.


This step involves linking the cell strings in a series, parallel, with bus ribbons, in order to give the required shape to the module prior to encapsulation. Strings of cells are layed up in proper configuaration and each string is connected with bus ribbons to form one interconnected solar module.


The laminating materials are laid up in a particular sequence and certain characteristics are measured with electronic equipment and EVA and back sheets are cut by Automatic Cutting machine.


Setting up electrical connections between strings of solar photovoltaic cells involves the stringing process. Cells are stringed together using automated stringing equipments (Stringer with two robots and inspection units) employing pre-programmable software.


After a pre-lamination testing, the PV laminator bonds the multiple layers of material with thermoplastic films and a vacuum process ensures the complete encapsulation of the photovoltaic materials. The interconnected solar PV cells are laminated with clear polymer-like material in highly automated Laminators. This is followed by trimming where the excess polymer sheet is trimmed off from the edge with the help of a heated knife.


After the quality control measures, the pV module laminate is measured and trimmed and an anodized aluminium frame is added and sealed into place. The laminated PV cells are enclosed in an aluminum frame with a glass in front with the help of Automatic Framing machine.

J.B Pasting

Fixing a junction box and connection cables to rear side of each polycrystalline solar module comes next. This enables easy electrical integration among modules in the installation site. An electrial connection junction box is mounted and sealed to the back of the module.