Corporate Social Responsibility

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For any leading company corporate social responsibility is an integral part of its strategy. It is essentially a self regulating business model that helps a company be more accountable towards itself, stakeholders and the society. By implementing corporate social responsibility companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they are making on all aspects of society like economic, social and environmental.

JJPV solar works proactively on its CSR and considers it as company’s moral duty. The company takes keen interest in various socially beneficial projects always. It has taken numerous steps to support various activities independently as well as partnering with other stake holders.

It has been our endeavor at JJPV solar to perpetually support following activities. Following are few of the many activities

Blood Donation Camps

As they say blood owners should be blood donors. The company organizes blood donation camps regularly to cope up with demands of blood in hospitals.

Tree Plantation Activities

Our planet has been getting hotter and warmer as we lead ahead, to keep the earth cooler and greener we need to keep planting trees and ensure this activity is done regularly and by as many people as possible. JJPV does this activity religiously on a regular basis.

Book Distribution

Education for all is also one of the sustainable development goals of our government. We also believe education is the solution to all of the arising problems which the world has been facing currently.

Scholarships For Deserving Under Privileged Students

We at JJPV solar believe in encouraging and supporting talent in all possible ways. It has been our conscious effort to encourage people in the field of education, art and sports.

Supply of Food Packets During Natural Disaster

Various parts of our country are being affected by drought and flood, we at JJPV solar actively contributes to state and national disaster relief funds as and when required and believes every contribution matters.

Mask Distribution in Local Areas During COVID19 Pandemic

Covid19 has taken the world by storm, being safe is the best way to save our lives as well as others. JJPV solar distributed surgical masks in local areas.

Green Energy Benefits Awareness Campaigns

As we know we all need to switch to global in time to come, solar energy or green energy is the way forward. It is imperative that people understand this and start using green energy as early and as soon as possible which will help us keep this world a better place to live.