Solar energy is a cheap and readily available energy source that can accommodate the demand of millions of people. While the concept of fitting solar panels is quite popular in the west, we have seen a shift in Indian homes as well.

As per the data, including both ground and roof-mounted plants, the country’s installed solar power capacity was 39,083 MW as of 28 February 2021. Solar electricity generation from April 2020 to March 2021 increased to 60.4 terawatt-hours (TWh) from 50.1 TWh in the same period a year ago.


Source: Wikipedia

The resources needed to generate such a high amount of power supply will be enormous. And considering the way we are going, it won’t be too long before we are left with no resources.

Hence, solar energy can be a viable option. Solar energy happens to be more reliable in the current energy crisis context.

With no disruption in their power supply, they can provide a better output.

A solar system proves to be a beneficial power source. But before moving ahead, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of having solar energy in our homes.

Pros of having solar panels at home in Ahmedabad:

  •  Renewable energy source: Solar energy is a great renewable energy source. The best part is it can be harnessed in all areas of the world and is readily available every day. We cannot run out of solar energy.
  • Reduces electricity bills: Solar energy can help drop your electricity bill drastically. For example, if you are a business using commercial solar panels, this switch can have great benefits because the large system size can cover large chunks of your energy bills.
  • Low maintenance costs: Unlike normal power stations, solar energy panels do not require frequent maintenance. You only need to keep them clean. So, cleaning the panels twice a year would do the job. Additionally, most solar panel manufacturers offer around 20-25 years of warranty with their devices.

Cons of having solar panels at home:

  • High Cost: Despite its low maintenance cost, installing a solar panel in a home is quite expensive. This includes paying for solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. With the adoption of solar energy getting popular among the Indian masses, we are sure the price of installing a solar panel would go down in the future.
  • Dependent on the weather: Solar Energy is acquired from the Sun. Everyone knows that. Solar energy can be generated during cloudy weather too. But the supply won’t meet the high demands of Indian homes. Therefore, a few cloudy, rainy days can have a noticeable effect on the energy system. You should also take into account that solar energy cannot be collected during the night.
  • Needs a lot of space: The more electricity you want, the more space the solar panels will take. As you want to collect the maximum amount of energy possible, it can only be done by fitting solar panels at the rooftop of respective apartments. But considering, an average Indian lives in a building whose rooftop anyways has space issues, it will generate a very little amount of solar energy which won’t be adequate enough to run our daily use applications for an entire day.

Steps to know before installing a solar panel in Ahmedabad

Gujarat is slowly making strides in adopting solar energy as an alternative energy source. Solar panels in Ahmedabad are not a surprising sight. As per the state government’s estimates, Gujarat’s renewable power generation capacity is expected to jump to 38,466MW by 2025 and 61,466MW by 2030. Rajkot and Ahmedabad are two big adopters of solar energy in Gujarat.

Also, Gujarat is the first state in India to adopt a solar power generation policy. The Kishan Sarvodaya scheme helps the farmers of Gujarat to get access to electricity for their irrigation purposes during the daytime. By this scheme, the farmers of Gujarat will be massively benefited. The state has been working in the power sector to help the farmers. Gujarat believes and has been working towards the mantra of “one sun one world one grid”.

Here are the steps to know before installing a solar panel in Ahmedabad:

  •  Analysing how much weight a rooftop can handle: Installing solar panels will increase the overall weight of the roof. Hence, it is advised that the rooftop should only be loaded with a limited amount of solar panels. If the weight of these solar panels is too much for your roof to handle, there is a potential that it will collapse.
  • Finding out the best solar panel equipment in Ahmedabad: Everyone needs the best equipment for their home. But the problem arises on how to source the best solar panel equipment in Ahmedabad. JJ PV Solar can be a great company, offering the best installation of solar panels in your home in Ahmedabad.
  • Need a service with at least 5-10 years warranty: Warranties are an important aspect of protecting your solar panels and other related equipment. If anything happens to your solar panels, having a warranty helps you to keep the manufacturer accountable — without any additional cost to you.  There are also some incentive programs (available in many different states) that require you to have a warranty for your solar equipment.
  • Trusted Contractor: Installing a solar panel at any home in Ahmedabad is not an easy task. You need a professional, who knows his way. Picking the first contractor you come across might seem like a quick and easy way to start saving money sooner rather than later. However, this isn’t necessarily true! If you are serious about installing solar panels on your roof, shop around and get different quotes from different contractors. Do some research on these companies to make sure that they are reputable and their customers are satisfied.
  • Solar panel subsidy rates: The Indian government has started an initiative called Solar Rooftop Power Plant that creates awareness to use solar energy to save other natural resources. The government of India has curated a solution for this by launching MNRE solar subsidy scheme which provides :
    40% for up to 3KW and 20% for more than 3KW up to 10 KW for domestic purposes.
    For GHS/RWA 20% for capacity up to 500KWp, limited to 10KWp every house up to 500KWp
  • Decide if you would want to install a battery: For home solar panel installations, the time at which most electricity is generated, i.e. during the middle of the day, doesn’t usually coincide with the time at which most electricity is consumed that is in the morning and evening. In fact, most electricity is consumed just after the sun sets, when televisions, air conditions, heating and kitchen appliances are used most.

Therefore, both from a financial environmental perspective, it seems logical to store energy during the day with a battery to be used in the evening.

Cost of installing a solar panel in Ahmedabad

India is one of the leading generators of solar energy in the world owing to its ideal geographical location. The country receives tropical sunlight and has clear skies for up to 300 days every year. Let’s take a look at the cost of installing a solar panel.

The cost of solar panel installation in Ahmedabad varies on the type of installation, solar panels required and the additional equipment. Usually, it ranges from 40,000 to 6,00,000. Although, it may even go beyond, in the case of large installations.


Solar Panels in Ahmedabad are a great money-saving resource. So, get in touch with the solar experts at JJ PV Solar and reduce your carbon footprint.

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